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Welcome to the Mistmakers UK website. All our prices include carriage to the UK mainland only.
Mistmakers UK
18 Foxley Drive
Anchorage Park
Tel: 023 92654937

Sorry we only accept cheques made payable to IMPOS but we do accept Paypal made payable to Sales@mistmakers.co.uk. Please go to your paypal account and quote your order number and the amount and make payable to sales@mistmakers.co.uk. Once received we will ship your purchase.

Mistmakers UK
Mistmakers UK are dedicated to selling spares and accessories for your mist maker units. Mist makers are ideal for conservatories, offices, as aromatherapy diffusers, water features, feng shui and the home.

The Mist maker ultrasonic unit vibrates water to create a mist that rises out of virtually any water container or vessel. These cloudlike formations accentuate any environment while adding beneficial negative ions to the air. The mist is ideal for plants, adding healthy moisture to any dry environment. The Mist maker unit uses no chemicals, no dry ice and no heat.- it’s a cool safe mist that just uses normal water.

As a Humidifier, it adds moisture to dry environments of up to 1000 sq. ft. As an ioniser, it will clean the air. Adding essential oils to the water it becomes an Aromatherapy Diffuser. .

Delivery is now free within the UK. - Sorry no overseas enquiries